Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink Gadget World

Yeah…. Now are month of October and what matter is that this is my Birthday month.
Though my birthday hasn’t arrived however I already received my birthday gift from BEE.

He bought me a purple IPOD shuffle and I had turn it into a ‘Blink Blink’ accessory instead. {Recap the last post-IPOD shuffle}

Now he had given me a PINK PSP which is the last birthday present I guess!!!!! (Watery eye)
Pink Limited PSP – He go a lot of place and pink is sold out.Due to high demand, pink’s price is highest among all primary color. Surprise right?
The pink metal is prompt to get scratches most thus I’m going to paste blink blink again however I haven’t buy the light rose Swarovski instead. Because I realize my entire gadget Swarovski are rose color instead~


:) I had paste the pink “Cherry Blossom” skin sticker… [Proud]
Not to forget my dearest - Rilakkuma
Do you realize my PSP theme and accessory are Rilakkuma [ke ke]
Sigh… I haven’t paste the light rose Swarovski :(
Thank Bee, I love it so much and fyi I will like it as long as the present is PINK. :D

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