Monday, October 20, 2008

My new home, Arizona

Well, I’ll be leaving Singapore in 2 months time. And I’m going to stay in Tucson [USA] for 2 years and only be back by end of December 2010.

Time to get busy in buying thing and packing things that need to ship over. And now a lot of documentation hasn’t done. Sigh, need to cancel my m1 mobile line and breech the contract with Singnet as I had 14 months of contract haven’t complete thus must compensate Singnet.

Well, something excited to show to all that I’ll be living here.

My new home~Sonoran Terraces

I feel it look more like church from my 1st view.

The Cactus garden
Shade from trees along the pavement

Some amenities from my apartment:
Clean swimming pool, however I need to view it myself there.
Tennis court
1 hole golf area, very crap right?
Gym Area
Living room, however furniture is not included!

My house very small only :(

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