Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekly Report

Sunday, 17/2/2008
2 Years ROM Anniversary

Today is our 2 year ROM anniversary; however things don’t go too well. As we try to change our hotel into another hotel for our Malaysia trip but it didn’t go so smoothly so lead to small quarrel.
Then we meet for dinner, we went to white sand as it is still early to go fisherman village to have our dinner. However we only realize fisherman village is already demolished when we reach Pasir Ris park. Then we change our dinner plan to Cosy Bay at kallang waterfront. …. Speechless… just see the below picture you’ll know what’s happening!!!!!
Don’t know is it close down or still close today.

With no other choice, we just have a simple dinner at Leisure Park and headed to suntec to catch a moive “Jumper”. This is quite a great mover as the ideal is quite good and is like i had been travel to a lot of country within an hour. It was “COOL”
Verdict: *****

Saturday, 16/2/2008
Family Dinner

Time really fly, I remember the 1st time I saw the monkey tree in Jurong is around November 2007. However there was so much crowd at that moment and I don’t even get to see how the monkey look like. Today I decided to pay a visit, unexpectedly, this “monkey tree” already seem to be forgotten in everyone’s heart.’ Today no people are there except me and bee and the “monkey tree care taker”. I offer the joss stick even thou I’m a Christian as that the traditional over there.

Manage to touch the monkey and take picture of it.
A big monkey with a baby monkey
This care taker told me there is another monkey head feature on the same tree which is this one.
Can you see a “Guan Yin” appear on the tree bark?

NEA already stated that this abnormal picture will form when it is injure by hard object. The monkey tree and experience a lot of car accident thus this is only a fresh skin and scars left after the accidents however it will be gone over the years as it will heal back to normal healthy tree. Thus hopefully I still remember this tree after 5 years time so I can go and see whether what NEA say is truth and logical.

Had join bee family for a 10 course dinner that is holding below their deck which cost us $350 per table.

These are all bee nephew and niece, they are very obedient unlike my house is a bunch of “monkeys”. Sob sob…
Kelvin Png 3 month + 1st son of bee 2nd brother
Eileen Png 6 year old 2nd daughter of Bee’s Eldest brother
Ah Di youngest son of Bee’s Eldest brother
He really good face expression. Now I compare this picture look like father and son! Ha ha ha ha

Friday, 15/2/2008
New Mitsubishi EVO 10

Today I was invited to watch a so call “Tokyo Drift” holding at Kallang National Stadium. The actual performance is on 16/2/2008, however I wash there to watch the preparation of the whole thing and to watch the Japanese races name “Takoshi” to test drive in a brand new Mitsubishi EVO 10. What disappointed me is the racer is not a handsome young man but is kinda a plumb middle age family man. Ha ha ha… that why I don’t wish to spoilt my camera len by taking his photo, however I did record his test drive using my mobile thus it is nt so clear.

However it is a good experience.

Thursday, 14/2/2008
Valentine Day

Early in the morning, Wendy had wake me up from my sleep at 9+ am, however this gal is so sweet that she carry a 3kg heat plastic bag sealer to my place that she help me bought it in Ipoh.

She waits for me for sometime and accompanies me for a heavy breakfast and we head off to supermarket as usual. However I was invited to her fish farm again. So happy as I been bore at home ever since Chinese new year eve. M… had been helping her do some chores as she is so busy till no time to entertain me. However she is busy because she is prepare a big valentine diner for 4 of us. :D

Then once she finishes her works, she plans some activity for me. We go to prawning at the prawn pond around her farm. Too bad, my mobile phone low battery that why I didn’t manage to get any pictures on that day. Sigh…. She is such a patient lady that able to catch a lot of prawns BUT for me, I only caught pathetic 3 prawns only!!!!!

Guess she is a very good person that why the boss and a uncles which is prawning give us 2 big bags of live prawns and frozen prawn….. I really can’t imagine I’m going to have a prawn buffet tonight!!!!

During night time, Wendy and her hubby “Brandon” is busy cooking for us. Thanks to both for the great hospitality that make me and bee had a very special valentine day.

Wishing you both had a blissful marriage …..

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