Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What’s HOT now???

Of cause, needless to mention is Jay Chou and not the black sheep Edison Chen. Jay last concert will hold in KL 23/2/2008. How I wish I can watch again.

Anyway I already had the 2007 Live Concert in Taipei and had already watched at indoor stadium with bee on 19/1/2008.

What had I miss over the months…?
Music Box of “Secret Movie”
The song is the no. 18 in the “Secret” Soundtrack which song title is “Secret”.
Maybe if I had this music box I can trace ahead of 20 years. +wink+
I don’t like my Jay Chou figurine from Tw & Sg version ever since I saw this VIP version. Only 1000 limited pieces in the whole world and only distribute to VIP[s] or reportor[s] only. I ever saw a yahoo sg auction closing this 1 qty VIP edition for $128SG. So expensive, thus I don’t think I’ll have it!!!! Sob sob
This is the 5000 worldwide limited Box set.
It is selling $145sg in Taiwan dealer I guess, however Sg Yahoo Auction ever close at $700sg. Wa… another expensive deal, anyway There will be 60 sets for Malaysia concert, I envy them as it is not available in Singapore lo…

But what attract me in this set is…..
Is this dumb china bowl, it is actually a music box and you can place any of your 8 figurine on top to turn round and round. Hee… what’s cool is, the bowl will play song no. 15 in the “Secret” soundtrack, song title “Lu Xiao Yu”

I don’t know is my information is correct as this is all I got it from MY Jay Club. You may comment it if it is wrong.

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