Monday, February 18, 2008

Fisherman Village & Cosy Bay

Just heard from Wendy that fisherman village in Pasir Ris is close down as the boss had been stealing the electricity and water thus government had collect back the land from them.

As for cosy bay at Kallang waterfront, government had stated that they wish to build water sport recreation place thus all restaurants on the river must be demolished too.

Thus my favorite dining places all close down. So sad…. afterall I better report to Wendy where am I going next round so I won't waste my petrol and time going there.

Wendy!!!! Your're a great information counter... Ha ha ha ha ha


aftaab said...

wah!, close down!!.. then what happens to the tower.. is there going to be something else coming up or are they planning to renovate and reopen ?

Glordian Tan said...

they going to demolite the whole tower as that area is quote by goverment as a water sport recreation area le...