Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Miracle Hot Chocolate Result / Review

15 days up.....
The headache only last for 2 days, and no insomnia effect on me.
My result is quite disappointing. I gain almost 1 kg after consuming The Miracle Hot Chocolate. The result is same as ISlim. I not sure should I continue it as that time I ate iSlim I gain 2 kg within a month. Thus I don't know is it my problem or this thing really don't work at all.
As you can see my previous blog, I was only 54kg but now 54.9kg. Big sigh.....

Verdict: NEGATIVE - not miracle to me but a big SURPRISE

For more information:
My breakfast and lunch usually is plain oatmeal and only dinner is normal meal.
I do drink 3 - 4 liter of water daily.
I ate fruit or fruit juice daily etc apple or dragon fruit.
If I ever ate KFC the fry oily skin was removed before putting inside my mouth.

For all these; I gotten heavier which is weird right?

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