Friday, April 27, 2012

Korea Secret Key Snail Slime Gel Cream

Secret Key Snail Gel
:) I got it from GMarket waited for roughly 7 days as it was from Korea.

And base on google search alot blogger stated alot benefits like fade freckle, pimple scar, tighten pore and so on that make me purchases these item to try. Had chosen gel because I belong to oily skin as that is what the website stated.

I found its ingredients and functions:

Snail Slime Extract– skin regeneration, improvement in skin balance, enhancement of skin elasticity
EGF – enhancement of skin elasticity, prevention of wrinkles and saggy skin
Witch Hazel Extract – calming and regenerating effects
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – superior moisturizing, whitening and protecting effects
Beta-Glucan – enhancement of skin elasticity, ease wrinkles and saggy skin, correction of skin tone
Lemon Extract – whitening, moisturizing and astringent effects

I tried these Secret Key Gel for 2 week which show the result of brighten my skin also turn my skin to silky soft feel. However freckles and pimple scars are still visible to me.
Will continue to use this product as it become one of my favourite now.

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