Saturday, December 11, 2010

Strange Feeling

Been very busy packing my shipment and luggages. Anyway I guess we bought too much till the shipment already burst.

Left exactly 1 week to go home. However I have rather a mix feeling. I do miss my parent but I wish to stay in USA till...

Also I got height phobia, I don't like to take plane somemore is a long hour flight. How I wish there's a lift, I just need to go in and I reach the places I desire to go in split second. I just can't imagine what should I do inside the flight.

2 hour flight by United Air from Tucson to San Francisco.
11 hour flight by JAL from San Francisco to Tokyo.
7.5 hour by JAL from Tokyo to Singapore.

So to round off is 20.5 hour. In the middle there is transist time about 6 hour in total.

So much thing awaiting me to settle in Singapore. HDB key collection... Renovate my flat... Plan Chinese Wedding Custom... Take wedding portfolio.

After all the above complete, need to restart my online business and so on.

Also I plan to have a baby, hoping I got it before I reach 33yr old.

Life is so unpredictable, sometime I was thinking. What more am I looking forward? Am I happy with my life, or what had I achieve for the past 2 years in USA.

Initially was being sent here to change my enviroment inorder to help me to recover better. However I feel I was still the same, still need to rely on sleeping pill to make myself sleep. Feel insecure during the night. Feel so lost sometime and alot more.

How I wish I can go back to 2004 to rewrite everything. So that all this might not happen.

Due to all these medication, it make me so fat now. And it is so hard to lose the weight now

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