Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hiking in Tucson

Today I woke up at 6am just to join the Ah Mohs to go hiking.
Along the trip, we saw this dead rattle snake which freak me out. Cause I scare of reptiles in my whole life even lizard when I was in Singapore. Well, rattle snake is quite common here so I'm speachless!
Dead Rattle Snake
Catus again, anyway taken these picture as I feel nice color. It is PINK catus ok?
So he is Bernie, organiser of this hiking trip. He also the water aerobics organiser. Very old and charming man. He is cute but next time then I let you all see his face. I can say that he very cute and charming.
These are the other 2 members: Susan and the other one I forgot her name. Hee
Erm I never took picture of myself and Siew Chin
Hiking along the golf course...
Tho it look hot but it is breezy.

I'll try to update more in future. Stay tune...


SHAYE said...

Your life there very exciting huh?? ha ha ha... so hows ur daily life there beside joining ppl go hiking and water aerobics??? Oh ya... dun be sad that you cant attend wendy wedding ok?? I can attend for you.... well, hope you are doing well there

Glordian Tan said...

my life is good here, eat good sleep good. :p kept spending $ only. anyway not much i can do here la. btw wendy got invite u ma??? if yes then i think u join strangers table lo.