Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boring Week

Bee have gone to LV excercise for 2 weeks, thus I was left alone at home. I cry so hard when he left me during the 1st day. But I never cry anymore after the day he left. Anyway, he still called me so often till I can feel him just by my side.

He'll be back just in 12 more days. Well, after that we will be heading to San Diego for 1 week and follow by Los Anglea with Ben & Siew Chin. So it will be a busy month for May. Now I'm looking forward my holiday in May.

Long time never blog because I got no picture to blog however after knowing my friends followed up my blog then I just write some essay for you guys to read. Ha ha....

Frankly I miss Singapore not becuase that is where I was born. BUT because MUM is there. I miss MAMA wish I could bring her here to stay. I began to love USA, as everything here is very peaceful and maybe I stay in Tucson that why not much crowd.

Heading to town need hours.... not public transport that cause alot of inconvenicy. BUT driving here is easy, as the road traffic is little. Plus Tucson drivers are very polite so I not afraid to drive here. Anyway I haven't take my driving lic here yet as I got no confident yet.

My life here is not much different from Singapore. I spent my time using internet, watching tw drama all day. The only different is I do excercise here, more active. Need to do housechores only. Cook and cut Bee's hair. So that the only change ba.

Coming here is not boring but is very relax.... Tho it takes hours getting to town, but I alway enjoy the whole journey as I get to see alot of nature thing like mountians, nice houses etc...

Well I guess next time I will blog up my road trip pictures in May. Bye bye and take care

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