Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today is a Black Day

Ayo from the moment I woke up, the jinx had be following me. 1) This is the first time I order from this “shanghai” supplier however, “BAD EXPERIENCE!!!” 1ST yesterday I had re-confirm with her that is my freight charge really $120 yet she say yes. So I go make payment by using Western Union and it cost me $20 to make TT. And today when I log in my msn, she say sorry 1 qty of the order is sold out yesterday. F lo!!! You ask me paid you $ yet you sell away my items within a few hour.

Fine, yet she ask me to change color but I told her ” I can’t as it belong to my buyer!” then she say she will give me the sold out item back you know. WEIRD as a minute ago, she say item totally sold out. A minute after she say okay she will included for me.

In the afternoon she told me “sorry I can’t shipped out your items now!” I ask why? She reply says the freight charge is not $120 is $560. F lo!!!! Why is it so expensive, I ask her do she confirm she yes!!!! Now she blame me say I mistake it. Common I got you email for proof ok.

In the end wendy help me call long distant call to settle it. Ask her china friend to transfer for me!

2) Next! I received rejection of my spree thread from SpreeHouse, this is ridiculous! She say reject as got spree-er complaint me that my nameplate pendant is from china yet I claim is Korea!!! Please I don’t even help SpreeHouse member to order before so what proof you have to claim is from China!!! SpreeHouse moderators also SUCK! F Off lo!!! You never investigate and you ban me for nothing. You only listen 1 side story. And I already produce Korea Invoice and yet you say is not proof! Hey! Does the member got proof to say my item is from China then? And why I never help spreehouse to order and why should I proof to you. Even I need o proof also proof to SpreeGalore not SpreeHouse. You’re not fit to check on me. It is obviously SLANDERING ME! When I spree apparel from china I stated from china. What is there a need o hide? I don’t understand! For spree organiser right please boycott SpreeHouse and don't spree there: DON"T SPREE HERE!!! These is a flity place to spree!!!!

3) My first supplier also email me that the item I had 3 order also sold out! Ayo what the hell is going about. I so lost and stress today.

4) Still have 1 strange spree-er, she comment in m personal lj spree. Can I order from you in private. Okay I give her my email address. She wrote why first time you spree $25 now mark up to $48. F off! Please produce your proof! Then I only reply, please buy from other. I had never spree at $48 before and Bits & Pieces sell $78 - $98. thus I’m selling at $48 and how to get price like $25??? What about freight charge. I scold her like mad kept say her BLIND. Kept email me question which already stated in my spree thread. Now I understand why she say want to order privately. Too bad I already ban you from my lj and blacklist you from my singnet. There is no way you can place order!!!

Thus today is a “VERY LUCKY DAY” for me. I never be as lucky as today!!! So tired!!! Sorry Wendy for dragging you down and make you didn’t do your job. SORRY WENDY! U’R TE BEST!


Aquaparadise said...

Gal i will be there for you no worries opps nick will start to hack me

Bear Bear

♥♥Lolitasweet♥♥ said...

Just wish to clarify that situation a little bit, first, we did not ban you from spreehouse at all, not last time and not even now.
Secondly, we were just checking on the situation as the person who emailed was complaining like mad.
pls understand that we also have a duty to check on things when people complain.