Saturday, June 7, 2008

Idiotic LJ Spree-er

Ok my nameplate pendant spree is closing by 8th June 2008 2pm. I don’t expect respond is so goods as it already burst my max capped. Currently I already had 34 orders… stress as it is already $1.5k of money I had collect from all spree-er.

Again, I received a dumb email from one of my spree-er. Look I spree with no profit hor, Spree in LJ is no profit, only pre-order in KissDeModa I earn a little profit like $4 – 6 ea. Thus you don’t come to me and say, I choose a MEET UP since I had order from you 3 boxes! F Off!!!! You don’t demand what to do, I can refund you if I ‘m not happy as it got no profit at all!!!!

I already clearly stated that no meet up before you join my spree you already understand the TERMS so I reply her. “Hi babe, my spree stated strictly no meet up!!!!” “Even you order 100 boxes also need to be by post OKAY!!!!”
Spree closing tomorrow yet she dare to ask me for design draft! Look! Tomorrow is Sunday!!!! My oversea designer is your SLAVE huh, she no need to rest is it.

Please I only hope all LJ spree-ers be considerate! I’m doing a favor and you’re not my BOSS okay.

You wish to get cheap import item, then be nice to me and be prepare to wait!!!!

If not you can go join KissDeModa Blogger. I will serve you like queen in KissDeModa Blog as that is my online shop where I earn $ okay.

Lastly, why I got so many problems with suppliers and LJ spree-ers recently. I really feeling so SICK & PISS OFF.
Thus if you still hoping I continue to spree special items which cheaper and Singapore don’t sell, then be nice with me. I can quit myself anytime from LJ Spree ok. I DO have a choice in choosing my own spree-ers!

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