Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Slimming with Figurerobics part 1.1 - 1.4

I had try these sets of exercise for nearly 3 months, from 54.1kg to 49kg today.
Although my weight lose of 5kg is abit slow for 3 months but I got not much excess as I'm 1.58m tall with 54kg which is bmi of 22. Maybe that the reason why my weight lose is slower.

However these 30 min of exercise do work amazingly for me.

Part 1.1 - focus on lower body (waist, butt & tight) Stress Level *****

My case I work on these set for only 3 days instead of 5 days as there wasn't anymore feeling for me on day 4.
You will experience tight aching on 1st 2 days but don't give up and continue doing it as the pain will go away if u continue doing it.
All I did to deal the pain is to wear these sock to sleep as it act as a massage to me. And it work. This pair is not from scroll but from no brand bought from GMarket.

Part 1.2 - Arms Stress level **

Same issue, I done these set for 3 days. For 鄭多燕, her dumb bell is 750gram which I read from other blogspot. Anyway I can't find 750 gram in Singapore. Initial I used 2 mineral water bottle which is 500ml = 500 gram.

Then later part I bought the 500 gram and 1kg dumbbell. 1st month I using 500 gram and 2nd month I'm using 1kg.

Part 1.3 - Tone up Stress level ****
Doing these for 3 days, this set not as tedious as first one but maybe my body already getting use. Thus you got to figure out yourself.

Part 1.4 - Legs & Tummy Stress level ***
Done this for 3 days too, what you need for these is a yoga mat. Or you can use a carpet. Continue this 4 sets of exercise for 1 month with 2 days break weekly. So you can rest your muscle without gaining muscle. Thus I don't advise you add anymore extra exercise on top of figurerobics.

Pictures that I had taken on day 51. Left side 54.1kg Right side 52kg. So JiaYou !!!!


Richelle Lok said...

U lose quite alot in 3 months . Good job :) btw u did 4 sets 5 days a week? Was wondering can I see results if I only do 1 sets on alternate days :P

Glordian Tan said...

5kg 3 mth seem slow anyway I spent total 8 mth to lose 7kg only.

I do exercise 6 days per week.
each video i do 3 continuous days in a row. I off and rest on every Sunday only.

Month 1 & 2: Figurobotic part 1
Month 3 & 4: Figurobotic part 2
Month 5 & 6: Hip Hop Abs
Month 7 & 8: Insanity

There's a need to change the exercise routine as to create muscle confusion

Richelle Lok said...

Thanks for ur reply :) will try out

Lorena Moon said...

I just begame this exercice. I decide to do all exercice in one week : the first monday, the seconde tursday..

But I see you choose a different way :/
Really I don't know !

You say is better to do the same exercice for a few day ?

Shatia said...

Hello,Ive got a few questions about your routine as I am planning to exercise with Jang Da Yeon's videos as well :) Correct me if Im wrong but from what I understood you do:

Day 1-3 Figurerobics part 1.1 (waist,butt & tigh)

Day 4-6 Figurerobics part 1.2 (arms)

Day 7 - rest

and again

Day 1-3 Figurerobics part 1.3 (tone up)

Day 4-6 Figurerobics part 1.4 (legs & tummy)

Day 7 - rest

And the whole 2-week process 2 times so it makes a whole month?

And then during Month 2

1-3 bodyball 1.1

4-6 bodyball 1.2

7 rest

1-3 bodyball 1.3

4-6 bodyball 1.1

7 rest

and so on?

I am asking as I just couldn't find anywhere how many times per week you should exercise with which video (one video per day or the whole set, repeat for few days or change with every day etc.) Do you have to exercise with bodyball? I dont have one yet and im worried that I dont really have space for it in my apartment :/ Can you repeat the first figurerobics set or does it really make a difference?

And also - you say Figurerobics 1 which i understand are the basic videos, Figurerobics 2 which is bodyball, and what is hip hop abs and insanity that you mention?

Thanks in advance :)

Rachel Liew said...

May I know where can I purchase figurerobics DVD? Can't seem to find them anywhere .