Monday, September 5, 2011

Slimming Days

Alot of friends alway ask me what I had doing at home but actually I'm doing nothing but trying all stunts to slim myself down.

I could drink this yogurt drink with empty stomach in the morning.

Oatmeal with tofu. I trying very hard to cut down my rice intake and why am I adding raw tofu in it is because I read from somewhere that Japanese ate tofu for slimming. Thus I ate this for breakfast and supper.

Drink 1- 3 cup of hot green tea to minimize water retention and help to remove oil intake.

Consume 2-3 litre of water per day, reduce water retention. If you drink too little water, your skin will tend to trap water in our skin as our body will wonder when is our next water intake thus these create water retention.

Consume 3 pack of juice per day. Ensure you had all vitamins.

I started taking this supplement too.

I did yoga at least 5 times per week, duration is 30 - 40 min.

Drinking apple cider vinegar plus honey.

This help me to digest my late supper as I sleep very late like 6am and I only wake up at 11 or 2pm.
Till much effort, my weight is 53.8kg not much different but my figure did have some changes.

Tummy is somehow smaller:)

However I don't know which step actually help me plus I still using 2B alternative body and arm.

Hope this inform might help all that wish to slim down.

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