Friday, September 10, 2010

Hawaii Trip 1st March 2010: Oahu

Day 6: Oahu - Volcano Island
Taking this mini plane to Oahu
Taken this picture from the plane
See the Diamond Head?
Actually I go on March thus if you ask me what fall is these? a.... I forgot. :p
Going to the Volcano musesum national park
Land of the goddness dwells
The smoke is toxic man

All kinds of LAVA not ROCK!
Lava pour into the sea. It been there since 1983

We are heading to the Lava Tube
That the size of it
Here you go... We inside the Lava Tude
Rest Rest... the national park very big...
We reach the black sand beach. There are 3 special one on Oahu. 1 of them is this one, Black sand beach, 2 Green Sand Beach & 3rd hee I forgot again
See, the sand is black. It is not those bitumen that used on the road for cars. It is different

Closer look on the sand, can't just take picture of the sand right so I write somthing on it. "I love u" meaning I love u all my readers. Hee

This picture is taken when I away to restroom. Thus no meaning for this picture.
Now we moving on to see the real Lava flowing out. Actually the Lava is alway flowing out is just that during day time, it is silver in color thus we had to wait till sun set then we get to see the lava in red! Focus on the right side of the picture. Also we are already standing on the harden lava. It sound like reclaim land to me. As the main place we staning is actually sea. Lava tend to harden when it reaches the sea. However, it is easily break too. Worry not, we are not on the fresh one.
Dey... I only saw the mini dots of red!!!!! I guess because the sun haven't set completely and we are rushing for our plane back to Honolulu

Going back to Honolulu by this dump dump mini plane.

Well I ended my trip here as day 7 I only fly back to Tucson so nothing special.

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