Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hawaii Trip 27th Feb 2010: Tsunami Flase Alarm!!!

Day 4:
Today planned to go Hilo Island, flight schedule is 9am. However the person incharge called us at 5am and said this trip had been canceled as all flights cancel due to airport closure. We asked why, given an stunning answer to us. TSUNAMI WARNING....

Thus we though it was a joke so call the hotel reception, and it is true. At 6am I heard the 1st siren sounded. It rang ever half hour to inform all of us to avoid to the sea. But news kept annousing that this is not a joke please take it serious which make me pondering. Then 1 of the staff is kind enough to explain to me that every 1st day of the month, they will test these siren whether it work anot.

Anyway at 6am, I went down my hotel cafe to have breakfast. It was so crowded, as alot of them wanted to moved out. I saw peoples walking with lotsa food and water too. But me and bee did nothing, just eat our breakfast and chatted with other folks.

After 4 hours of breakfast, we decide to come back our room which is 9th storey. News stated the wave will expected to be as tall as 6th storey. So meaning SAFE!
11am now, no people on the street! Cool
The weather look fine to me, sunny day somemore. Peaceful day
Best is, 2pm news stated Tsunami Warning lifted! Sigh*** wasted my time. But at least I experience it. Hawaii goverment realy did a good job.
Went to Waikki beach to see the wave... sigh smaller than before...... still Tsunami lei

Went to King's Village for some photo shots since we got nothing to do.

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