Thursday, April 2, 2009

Granny pass away today 2nd April 2009 5.14am

*Sigh* this morning received call from Sharon. She wake me up from my sleep and inform me that my granny just pass away. I miss her and never get to see her at the last moment as I was in USA.
Now what make me worry is my mum, as she is so close to her mum. I wonder can my mum take it the fact that granny already meeting grandpa in heaven.
I pray, hoping granny will met my grandpa in heaven and they won't need to be seperated again.
At my mum's age, I guess she will be very scare to heard that anyone pass away. Cause all of us get old and fade off 1 day.
Well, how I wish I can be at mum's side to console her.

To mum: Granny will be happier to leave us and join grandpa as they really seperated for too long. Also, granny is pleased having all her children by her sides when she's sick. Mee... Take care 20 months later I'll be back home.

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