Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad Omen - "Merlion" that facing the Singapore River struck by lighting

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Lately, saw the Singapore news that our "Merlion" that facing the Singapore River struck by lighting on 28 Feb 2009 between 4 - 5pm

In 1997, Singapore had suffer the worst singapore economic crisis. However, it didn't recovered till these "Merlion" was lifted and shift facing it at the Singapore River.

Fengshui cautions was taken into consideration of how "Merlion" should be moved.
Time - It is auspicious time when they moved the Merlion
Ways of moving - It was choosen to lifted by crane to cross over the bridge instead of shipping it underneath the bridge
Why relocate - As Merlion's was block by the bridge for the past few years

It was proven that singapore economic was improve after the relocation of Merlion.

Is it a bad omen or did Merlion had prevent Singapore from a BIG Disaster??????
Rumors stated that these Merlion had self embeded prevent thunder struck device inside? Is it not working or it is fated? Only HEAVEN knows.... It was hurted on top left side of the head.
Lastly, now I was very worry what will happen next as Merlion is now consider "Injury" It won't work as good as it used to be as the Fengshui as it was SPOLIT.

Should it continue to repair it or replace a NEW 1 will be better?
Worry, very worry.... My home Singapore.

- God Bless

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