Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Home Sweet Home in Tucson

Dala!!!! This my house layout in Tucson. Sorry to keep all waiting… As my shipment just came recently so just finish unpacking not long.
My kitchen - Tend to see a shoe rack there as my kitchen is near the main door.
Right view in kitchen - fridge, electric stove, oven & microwave. What I can say is these place is well facilities with all equipment needed except the microwave is bought by us. The rest are properties of ST.
Left view in kitchen - kitchen cabinet, dish washer and basin. What is special is the basin is embedded with a automatic food grinding power. Meaning we need to throw the excess waste food / prawn shell into the bin separately however I no need to have these practice here as the basin already can grind the excess waste food in small residue and send down the sewage pipe automatically without choking any water pipe system.
Dining area - it is next to my kitchen with a full glass panel which enable us to have a good view of outside while eating. It come with a ceiling fan and light attach to the roof.
Dining table from Singapore Ikea :D
Living room - the cosy velvet 5 sitter sofa from Bee's house. It been shipped to us in Singapore. Coffee table from Singapore ikea too. leather arm chair from Bee's room.
My living room have a very tall ceiling which should be 6m tall, whereas Singapore HDB is only 3.2m.
Tv bench is also from Singapore Ikea, brand new Samsung 32" TV bought in USA however none of us use it. As I only watch my show from tudou!
A pitch roof living room
Another full glass panel window that link us to the BIG balcony.
Balcony - From the left
Balcony from the right
Below are views from my Balcony….. Please take a deep breath before you scroll down!
View on my left - As now is winter, thus all the leaves on the tree already fallen off.
Front view - walking / scrolling area. Beside there is a shelter car porches
Right view - Mountain! Yes mountain, you'll get to see nothing BUT mountain in Tucson only!
Washing area - wash machine + dryer
My lovely bath tub locate along living room.
With embedded shelf and cabinet and MIRROR!
My master bedroom toilet!
2 BIG mirror and what nice is. There's shelf hidden behind the mirror!
My walk in closet - however I haven't finish unpack Bee clothing! :p thus still abit empty.
Well the bedroom is actually very HUGE. However my camera can't capture all. :p
My old computer table with NEW computer system!
This is what I see from my room's window! Car Porches!!!!!

.....The END.....

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