Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Changi Airport Terminal 3

Well, maybe is abit late to post these entry. However, only till now then I have the time to settle all my photograph.

Date: 19th December 2008
Time: 5am
Venue: Changi Airport Teminal 3
Peoples that send me off:

My bff "Wendy" with her hubby "Brandon"
My Da Jie together with her hubby "Thomas" & Nephews "Yuan" & " Xiang"

I had some photographs with my family however it is all inside Thomas's handphone. So I can't post up any of it.

Gift I received:
$500 Usd $2100 Sgd from my DAD
2 pillow Hong Bao from Mum
$200 Usd from my Da Jie
1 Angel TY Bear from Wendy
1 750 WG Pinky Ring from Er Jie
1 sets of Handphone Charm from Nick's Bro

Only when I on my msn on the 2nd day I touch down Tucson then I realise there is another same bear with WENDY!!!! I so touch when I get to know it is actually a twin bear. Well, wendy very sweet lo, use a bear to accompany me on behalf for her. And she knew I love anything with a pair of wings!

Please forgive me if I never thank both of you as I only received these item when I was in hotel unpacking my stuff.

The charm's back is Mickey & Minnie with our engraved name on it. Stated: stay safe alway. Very sweet too. Will use it when I got my Pink Samsung Behold and Your Bro will get a Black Samsung Behold too. :)

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