Saturday, December 20, 2008


Now is already 20/12/2008 5am in the morning. After 24 hours in plane I had finally reached the desired destination. Weather here is very cold. Temperature now is only 2 degree outside which really very COLD now.

Well now I’m temporary staying in Country Inn & Suits until next Tuesday which is Singapore Wednesday. Our different now is 15 hours earlier than Singapore, now is 8.15pm in Singapore and 5.15am in Tucson now.

I saw lots of cactus along the road as we are very near to dessert. The place here is quite RURAL = “Wu Lu” as there isn’t any shopping mall around and what I can see is those grocery shop. Erm not fun at all.

I really start wondering how am going to survive with empty boring country. However I was so shock that star is easily be seen here shinning brightly.

Will update more when have time, I’m going to bed again. tata

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