Friday, November 21, 2008

Julian 楊士萱: Crime Record

Recently I had completed this 2 Taiwan drama;
Name: Julian 楊士萱:
Birthday: 16/5/1983

2006年 推理劇愛殺17」,飾演「林嘉緯」

2007年 偶像劇親親小爸」,飾演「劉福榮」

At first, I felt that Julian is very good looking and his acting is GREAT. Why I say so, as this 2 drama is totally different role and totally different imagine and ‘FEEL’!

Thus I began to search in Google about him as I wish to watch more of his show.

However, to my horror something bad happen to him.

News breaks in Jan 2008: “Yang Shixuan is a suspect the indecent female student event to review”

On January 15, 2008 past 9:00 pm, Taipei female university students on the way back home encourter a man follow after her and makes contact inside the lift. The man pulls the victim silk stockings hardly. Both had some fight and end up he pull victim's skirt bottom and use camera to capture the expose scene! The abnormal man escapes in panic when the victim calls for help. At the scene, police had found the suspect’s wallet, inside credential for Yang Shixuan.

The day after the incident happened, Yang Shixuan goes to the neurology department to treat and obtains the anti-melancholy medicine. He denies violates the line and rumor and claim that the wallet already lose earlier on, due to his younger male cousin takes away during event television news! He had made a false statement on what happening with the manager in the same place, and claimed has proof not in the scene.

On January 27, 2008, Yang Shixuan acknowledges the indecent female student. And shows the anti-melancholy medicine which obtains afterward, the pretext feigns illness escapes the crime. However, Yang Shixuan twice denied that violates the line inside the police statement!Republic of China criminal law 224th: Regarding the men and women by the ferocious adversary, the coercion, the threat, the mesmeric or other violates method of its wish, but to act indecently the doer, but place below in June above 5 years set term of imprisonment. Yang Shixuan tags along after 1 female university student in January, 2008 to return to the family, strong raises the skirt to the victim, to tear to pieces the pantyhose, to strike an attitude to photograph the document, the indanthrene Local court on July 16 settles, thought that Yang has not touched the victim body, agreed that Yang “the abnormal behavior” the argument, does not constitute the sexual harassment, the indecent crime, changes sentences its imprisonment 6 months according to the compulsion crime, to commute a punishment the fine.

Verdict: Poor thing as once this incident happen, he got no future anymore. Well this world is very realistic as we can’t afford to make any wrong in our life as we won’t be given chance anymore. With this kind of black mark, I guess he won’t be able to stay inside the media.

However, if I’m the victim I won’t report police but will threaten him to marry me. Think about it, he is very handsome furthermore I will feel overwhelming that a handsome celebrity wanted to molest me…

I strongly believe that is cause by the depression or medicine, as such thing will happen when their conscious is not clear!

Human being make fault, thus please give him a chance and support him through! I really wish to see drama that involve with him again!

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