Sunday, November 25, 2007

Start to RECALL….

I had been suffering depression from 2005 – 2007. I was so afraid to sleep at that moment of times; I will shiver and start scaring myself and I’ll start to cry alone in the middle of the night. I had not sleep for almost 1 week.

Not only insomnia, I also been coughing persistently for 2 years. It was like a nightmare to me for thinking back. Eventually I got my own courage and seek help and landed myself in IMH. Before seeking help in IMH, I had been in out at TTSH for nose ear throat specialist. However I had been transfer to lung specialist, brain specialist & even gastric specialist but none of the doctors had diagnose me of anything so my case file had so called being leave behind.

I was brave enough to face myself so I start receiving medical treatment from physicist and series of therapy treatment from physiologist. I been visiting my physiologist for half year and I got myself discharge however I still need to continue my medicine (sleeping pill & anti-depressant) as I still have some anxiety at night however I’m sure that I had recover as I’m as confident as I in the past, and I’m not afraid to tell anyone that I’m once a IMH patient.

I had learn more body wellness stuff during my half year therapy, thus I believe I’m better in coping my emotional and life than a normal person. Now I’m happy as my life resume normal and I don’t cry for so long and I DON’T COUGH anymore. Begin happy and I get my 10 hour sleep a day and been healthy always.

Thus I always believe is up to you to choose whether to live happily or sadly. Don’t be afraid to choose, if you’re sad just be brave and walk away as you’ll never know what’s better a thing is waiting for you outside.

I’m very grateful for the patient that given from Bee & Wendy. Thanks for being there for me and accompany to my treatment. Life is short thus don't give up yourself easily.

Lot of thanks to:
Ms Anrai Lai (physiologist from IMH)
Dr Mok (physicist from IMH)

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